Gennie Gebhart

Gennie Gebhart does research and advocacy for the Electronic Frontier Foundation on consumer privacy, surveillance, and security issues. Her work revolves around the conviction that, as access to information and communication technologies expands and becomes more complex, so too do threats to user security and privacy.

Past work and research has explored zero-rating in Ghana, mobile access and technology terms in Burma, public Internet access in Laos, and social media uptake in Thailand. Gennie earned a Master of Library and Information Science from the University of Washington, where her thesis with the Department of Computer Science & Engineering’s Security & Privacy Research Lab investigated user reactions to censorship. While at the UW, Gennie also co-founded and co-led a university-wide Open Access initiative. Outside work, she is also a cyclist, avid CouchSurfer, collector of cheesy digital rights t-shirts, and friend to all cats.

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